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UK reaches 15 million COVID jab milestone

The United Kingdom government says it has met a target of offering at least a first coronavirus vaccine shot to the most vulnerable people in England by mid-February

Mexico gets AstraZeneca COVID vaccine shipment from India

Mexico has received a shipment of 870,000 doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine from India, the government said, as the country prepares to prioritise older adults

Oxford University to test COVID vaccine response in children

The University of Oxford has launched a study to assess the safety and immune response of the COVID-19 vaccine it has developed with AstraZeneca

Venezuela reaches 94% of recovered COVID-19 patients

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez offered this Sunday the balance of COVID-19 in the country, where she highlighted the rate of 94 percent of patients recovered from the virus

Commission created to investigate vaccine case in Peru

Peru Minister of Health, Oscar Ugarte, announced this Sunday the creation of a Commission to investigate the scandal of Sinopharm vaccines that some government

Iraqi women struggle to escape abuse as domestic violence rises

Dhoha Sabah had been married for eighteen years when her husband first laid a hand on her. Crowded into a modest, single-room home in Baghdad Sadr City

An Indigenous woman shakes up Australia

Draped in a possum-skin cloak Senator Lidia Thorpe entered her first day in the Australian Federal parliament last September with her right fist raised in a Black Power

British coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in U.S.

A coronavirus variant from the United Kingdom is now spreading "rapidly" through the United States, according to a new study

Women in Kuwait launch online campaign against harassment

Women in Kuwait are defying conservative norms and a culture of “shame” to speak out against harassment for the first time, in a social media campaign

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